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Swing Man
Swing Man

“A boogie woogie midlife crisis”.

Damian Callinan, renowned character and standup

comedian, confirms what many had already

suspected: he suffers from OTTDs [Over The Top

Dance Syndrome]. After years of eschewing partner

dancing and cutting up dance floors on his own, he

discovers that the only cure is to learn how to Swing


Swing Man sends Callinan on a journey back to

the incidents in his adolescence that set him on his

path - a fracas at a bush dance, unrequited love at

ballroom dancing, and the revelation that as a 17

year old he was abducted by Swing-era obsessed

aliens who set him an ultimatum to learn how to

Swing dance by the time he is 51.

‘Lindy Hop’ on down to watch the three-time

Barry nominee ‘shag’ his way through his ‘Boogie

Woogie’ midlife crisis.

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